Monday, May 24, 2021

RTX Racer

We did a cool side project with my coleagues at NVIDIA:
Vehicle design/modeling: Gregor Kopka
Vehicle texturing and environment props: me
Character modeling/texturing: Alessandro Baldasseroni
Lighting/rendering: Artur Szymczak
Effects: Fred Hooper
Directing: Gavriil Klimov
Environment: Jacob Norris
Envrironment props: Ilya Shelementsev


Friday, May 22, 2020

Marbles RTX

I'm very happy and proud to share this cool project we started working on shortly after I joined the awesome art team at Nvidia.
It's a fully playable game that is ENTIRELY ray-traced, denoised by NVIDIA's AI and DLSS, and obeys the laws of physics - all running in real-time on a single RTX 8000 GPU.
Happy to work with you guys Gavriil Klimov Jacob Norris Artur Szymczak Ilya Shelementsev Alessandro Baldasseroni Fred Hooper Gregor Kopka
Shout out to all the freelancers helping us out Anna Kaufmann, Egor Protonov, Emmanuel Marshall, Gabriel Cervantes, Jonjo Hemmens, Kyle Kr, Madina Chionidi, Mario Dalla, Matteo Mingozzi, Reno Lonewolf Levi and Samir Benounis.