Friday, October 28, 2011

Racing Wheel

Michelin tire and Volk Racing GT1 rim for my upcoming project, stay tuned...


  1. Nice modling .. would you care sharing you work flow around modeling .. ? .. and also some basic guide line,resources,tutorials and other about modeling cars and tires and modeling in general in cinema or any other package

  2. Hi, there is very nice tire modeling tutorial at There are several tutorials for car modeling on youtube. Me personally, I usually start with low-poly model and then I am adding more edge loops and details, usually proceeding from front to end of the car. For resources I use or camera matching of the photos when the blueprints are not available. I would suggest you to visit the forum at or to help you understand car modeling better.

  3. great ! .. thanks for nice resources and tips .. thank you

  4. Eso esta realmente buenisisisisisisimo.... Eres el craken

    LA calidad render es ├║nicamente sorprendente

    Hermosa, la amo

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    the render is just amazing render quality

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