Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Umea, Sweden bridges

Month ago I was given an offer, I couldn't refuse... to make two bridges and huge environment!! You can't say 'no' to that. One of these bridges will be actually built in near future in Umea, Sweden. Google Earth helped me a lot with the environment modeling. I enjoyed this project a lot...


  1. hey can you give me a .max file, thanks

  2. nice renders but it would be great if you could tell more about the difficulties you passed trough building such a huge scene with lots of polys...

    i think you've used proxy for those threes and the grass... can you please tell if you found those threes somewhere or did you modelled them yourself..

    what was your system props... and what steps you have followed during the render.

    thanks for sharing
    Regards From Turkey

  3. Hi, thanks. I made 2 different birch trees using a free ipad app called Tree Sketch; then used thousands of proxies in the scene with some variations on leaf color, size, rotation and position of the instancies. Rocks and grass were used from previous projects (Golf Cart and Land Rover Defender) all modeled by me. The only difficulty I had was constant changes of the bridge designs:)

    I have i7 2600K 4,5Ghz, 16 gb DDR3 RAM and geforce 580

    Rendering used about 13 GB of memory