Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lego Bike

 When I was a little boy I loved playing with Lego Technic bricks. I spent a lot of time making my own creations, so I thought it would be nice to join my two biggest life passions together and create a Lego model in 3D. This project took me about 3 months to accomplish, bike modeling and shading took about month of that time. In the beginning I had no idea what kind of background I would use for my already finished model and then the inspiration came out of nowhere. While I was walking to pick up my girlfriend from her work, I spotted nice concrete stairs and immediately, I knew they were perfect background for my lego bike. The goal with this project was also to make you feel like the image was taken by a cellphone by an ordinary person and capture the gray reality of these kind of photos. Project is dedicated to my girlfriend Martinka, for her valuable comments and advices throughout the whole project.

Technical stuff: 
Modeled in Cinema 4D and 3ds Max,
Rendered using a Vray in 3ds Max, 
Textured in Bodypaind and PS
Rendertime 20 hours in 4,5K on my i7 2600K 4,5 ghz, 32gb ram
Polycount: 27M
Bike itself consists of 76 different pieces

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